Trump’s Economic Plan + Other Media Contrasts This Week

This was one of those weeks when sources on the Left, Right, and Center have largely focused on entirely different stories. For example, while the Left has been talking about Trump’s campaign woes and the J ustice Department’s findings of bias in the Baltimore Police Department , the...
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Story of the Week: Trump Implosion or Media Mania

It hasn’t been a good week for Donald Trump in the polls or in the media. Today, reported that “some (anonymous) Republicans have told reporters they are discussing a Plan B, or a ‘Break Glass’ contingency plan to replace Trump at the top of their ticket” and added that this is...
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Story of the Week: House Gun Sit-In

On Wednesday , a group of House Democrats staged something new: a sit-in to protest a lack of action on gun control. The 25-hour occupation caught the attention of social media. By sitting in, were the Democrats standing up for something that most Americans support - or was it a time-...
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