Trump Pulls America Out of Climate Deal

Today at a press conference in the Rose Garden, President Trump officially pulled America out of the Paris Climate Accord. The deal was negotiated between 192 countries, with the U.S. joining Syria and Nicaragua as the holdouts. The Left is pretty firmly against the decision, while the...
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Flynn Resigns Over Russia Talks

This week, General Michael Flynn stepped down from his post as National Security Advisor to President Trump after it was revealed that he talked to the Russians, possibly about sanctions. Flynn served the shortest ever term for a White House employee, just three weeks. The question that...
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Trump's First Week

Donald Trump has been president for almost a week now. And it's been a busy week. On Saturday , the new president signed his first executive order which signaled the start to dismantling to Obamacare . Monday morning Trump announced the US would be pulling out of TPP . On Tuesday , Trump...
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