2022 Wyoming House Election

In Wyoming, incumbent house representative Liz Cheney (R) faces an uncertain political future as her political values blend between party lines. The primary election is on August 16th, and the general election is on November 8th.

Cheney, the single representative for Wyoming in the U.S. House, has been ousted by former President Donald Trump after voting to impeach him from office last year. She is also one of two Republicans on the investigation committee that’s currently investigating the Capitol riot, which further put her at odds with Trumpist Republicans.

The Wyoming seat is not expected to turn blue in 2022, but polls are predicting that Trump’s endorsement of Harriet Hageman (R) could push her over the edge to beat Cheney in the primary election. While Hageman attempted to overturn Trump’s victory in the Republican Party’s primary race back in 2016, the former president likely sees Hageman as the lesser of two evils when compared to Cheney.

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