Ukraine Parliament Restricts Russian Books, Music

Headline Roundup June 20th, 2022

On Sunday, the Ukraine Parliament voted to restrict the broadcasting of Russian music and placed severe restrictions on Russian books. This follows a number of measures aimed at "derussification" that have been enacted in Ukraine both prior and since Russia's February 24th invasion of Ukraine

The Ukraine Parliament, also known as the Verkhovna Rada, is specifically calling to ban the playing of music by post-1991 Russian citizens in media and on public transport. Ukrainian-language podcast and music content will be increased on radio and TV broadcasts. At the same time, another bill would prohibit the import of books from Russia and Belarus, and books written by post-1991 Russian citizens could no longer be published or distributed.

Both bills received broad support across the Parliament, and are expected to be signed into law by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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Russian music is set to be banned from being broadcast in Ukrainian media and on public transport after the country’s Parliament voted Sunday in favor of a new bill aimed at reducing Russia’s influence.

Members of Ukraine’s Parliament, also known as the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, also voted on Sunday in favor of a bill that would place severe restrictions on Russian books.

Parliament confirmed the bills had been passed in a Twitter post on Sunday, with the constitutional majority of the Rada voting “for” with 306 votes.

Under the first bill, music by post-1991 Russian citizens will be banned...

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Ukraine's parliament has voted in favour of banning some Russian music in media and public spaces.

The ban will not apply to all Russian music, but rather relates to music created or performed by those who are or were Russian citizens after 1991.

Artists who have condemned Russia's war in Ukraine can apply for an exemption from the ban.

The import of books from Russia and Belarus will also be prohibited under the legislation.

Many of those living in areas of east and south Ukraine have historically felt a strong...

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Ukraine’s parliament has voted through two laws that will place severe restrictions on Russian books and music as Kyiv seeks to break many remaining cultural ties between the two countries following Moscow’s invasion.

One law will forbid the printing of books by Russian citizens, unless they renounce their Russian passport and take Ukrainian citizenship. The ban will only apply to those who held Russian citizenship after the 1991 collapse of Soviet rule.

It will also ban the commercial import of books printed in Russia, Belarus and occupied Ukrainian territory, while...

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