Trump Lays Out New Coronavirus Testing Blueprint

Headline Roundup April 28th, 2020

President Trump announced a new federal coronavirus testing blueprint on Monday that calls on the federal government and the private sector to work closely with state governments to ramp up testing.

The blueprint includes expanding rapid testing at pharmacies, tapping unused lab capacity and making sure governors have the supplies they need to check people for the virus. It also calls for identifying new clusters of cases and isolating people who might have been exposed.

From the Center
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Testing is the key that will unlock normalization for millions of Americans.

It's the doorway between the disaster response mode of the pandemic and confidence about returning to work, school and life. And it's also still apparently weeks or more away from scaling to a level that will make a big difference for most people in most places.

Precisely how far away isn't clear, although President Trump and a pageant of guests attempted on Monday to sell the idea that victory is just around the corner.

The president, public health...

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From the Right
coronavirus, coronavirus testing, States, Reopening America

The White House on Monday said America’s coronavirus-testing is in far better shape and the administration is ready to work with governors to meet their diagnostic demands, “dramatically” increasing the number of tests to help states reopen safely.

“The testing is not going to be a problem at all,” Mr. Trump said in the White House Rose Garden. “In fact, it’s going to be one of the great assets that we have.”

Members of the coronavirus task force said they will marshal the public and private sector to expand rapid...

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From the Left
coronavirus, coronavirus testing, States, Reopening America

President Donald Trump announced a new federal coronavirus testing "blueprint" Monday to aid governors in ramping up capacity as a handful of states begin lifting stay-at-home restrictions.

Trump, who was not originally scheduled to hold a briefing, billed the plan as part of the administration's push for a "phased and very safe reopening" of the U.S. over the next few months. He said the plan includes provisions to expand state testing capacity and establish widespread monitoring systems, as well as contact tracing.

"We are continuing to rapidly expand our capacity...

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