Trump And Macron Spar At NATO Summit

Headline Roundup December 3rd, 2019

President Donald Trump derided French President Emmanuel Macron for suggesting that NATO is brain dead and lacking vision.

President Macron stands by his comment, arguing that Europe needs to rethink its defense posture. President Trump says that nobody needs NATO more than France.

Trump And Macron Spar At NATO Summit

From the Right
NATO, NATO Summit, national security

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday took aim at President Emmanuel Macron over the French leader's criticism of NATO and criticized the other members of the military alliance for being too slow to beef up their defense budgets.

As prime ministers and presidents of the 29-member alliance converged on London for a summit marking NATO's 70th birthday, Trump told reporters Macron's comments were "very nasty" when he lamented the "brain death" of the organization due in large part to a lack of U.S. leadership.

"Sometimes he'll say things that he...

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From the Center

President Donald Trump lashed out at French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday as the two leaders met for talks on the sidelines of NATO meetings taking place in Britain's capital.

Quarrels over defense spending, fights about trade and climate policy, rifts over Turkey's actions in Syria, and Iran – Trump is in London for a gathering connected to the military alliance's 70th anniversary. The official program starts Wednesday.

But ahead of that, Trump said Tuesday recent comments from Macron that NATO is experiencing "brain death" were "very nasty"...

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From the Left

President Trump said a warning from President Emmanuel Macron of France that Europe could no longer assume American support was “a very dangerous statement.” Mr. Macron said he stood by it.

A once-cordial relationship between President Trump and President Emmanuel Macron of France devolved in a dramatic fashion on Tuesday, as the two leaders publicly sparred over their approach to containing the threat of terrorism and a shared vision for the future of NATO, a 70-year-old alliance facing existential threats on multiple fronts.

In a lengthy appearance before reporters, the...

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