Thanksgiving in the Time of COVID-19, High Inflation

Headline Roundup November 24th, 2021

Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving 2021 amid record-breaking price inflation, goods shortages and continued concerns about COVID-19.

Some frozen turkeys cost as much as 27% more than they did a year ago, and the prices of other Thanksgiving staples, such as potatoes, are up 5% annually. Meanwhile, new COVID-19 cases are up roughly 25% and hospitalizations are up 9% in the past two weeks. Americans still plan to hit the road for the holiday; AAA expects over 53 million people in the U.S. to travel for Thanksgiving, up 13% from 2020. Roughly 48 million are expected to travel by car, but that'll also cost more than it did in 2020. The price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline is up 61% from a year ago.

Media across the spectrum are advancing different narratives about Thanksgiving. Coverage from left- and center-rated outlets more often focused on tips for having a safe holiday and avoiding the spread of COVID-19. Reports from right-rated sources more often highlighted the high prices of turkey and other holiday-season goods amid record-setting inflation. Some voices on the right also criticized left- and center-rated media for their continued focus on COVID-19 and purportedly unnecessary public health tips.

From the Left

Thursday marks the second Thanksgiving during the coronavirus pandemic. Many grandparents are excitedly planning to see their grandchildren. Friends are dressing their dining tables for turkey and loved ones. Some people have flights booked or road trips scheduled.

But in the background, Covid-19 case numbers are inching upward across the United States and millions of Americans remain unvaccinated -- leaving some people worried about the possible Covid-19 risks that could come with their Thanksgiving plans.

If you have concerns, experts say there are some important questions to ask to help weigh your...

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From the Center

No one really wants this job, but millions of households may need their own Thanksgiving bouncer. The cover charge is a negative COVID test, done ahead of arrival or outside the front door.

Why it matters: Normalizing rapid tests is a practical way to help extended families feel a little more normal around the holiday dinner table.

You may have relatives who aren't vaccinated (or won't say) — or babies or immunocompromised guests who are vulnerable to breakthrough infections.

How it works: If you're hosting, let your guests know ahead of their...

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From the Right

Inflation, worker shortages and supply chain problems are causing an increase in turkey prices, a turkey-farming couple told Fox News.

"You name it, equipment, fuel, labor, everything," Kyle Scott, who co-owns Old Glory Farm in Wisconsin with his wife, Deanna, told Fox News. "There's just inflation. Everywhere we look, every direction we turn, everything seems to be more expensive."

 Deanna Scott said: "The price of the poults has gone up. The price of the feed has gone up, the price of shipping has gone up, the price of labor has...

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