Recapping Tuesday's 2022 Primaries and Runoffs

Headline Roundup June 22nd, 2022

Voters hit the polls for 2022 primary and runoff elections in Washington D.C., Alabama, Virginia and Georgia on Tuesday.

 In D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser won her primary race and will likely win a third term in November. She would be the first D.C. mayor to win a third term since Marion Barry in 1986.  In Alabama, Trump-backed Katie Britt defeated Rep. Mo Brooks, and she is expected to win against Democrat Will Boyd in November while campaigning on behalf of "working Americans." Tuesday's elections also set the stage for several competitive House races: Virginia's 2nd District and 7th District, and Georgia's 2nd District.

Media sources continue to focus on former President Donald Trump's influence on the elections. Some on the right focused on the election of Trump-backed Katie Britt for the Alabama Senate seat, while some on the left focused on the losses of Trump-backed Jack Evans and Vernon Jones in Georgia House races.  Overall, roughly 94% of Trump's endorsed candidates for House, Senate, and gubernatorial office have won their races.

From the Right
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The race is set for Alabama voters to decide this November who will be their next U.S. senator following Katie Britt's victory over Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., in Tuesday's GOP primary runoff election.

In her first interview following her election victory, Britt described the "surreal moment" to Fox News Digital and said she is unsure of whether it has "quite sunk in" that she will represent the Republican Party in the general election in the Yellowhammer State on Nov. 8.

Katie Britt, Republican Senate candidate, speaks during an election night watch event...

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From the Center

Tonight was a mixed bag for former President Donald Trump’s endorsement record. Two of his preferred candidates lost their House races in Georgia, while his other two picks this evening prevailed: Rep. Ben Cline in Virginia’s 6th District easily cruised to renomination, and former Business Council of Alabama President Katie Britt won in the Alabama Senate primary runoff against Rep. Mo Brooks.

Overall, though, 94 percent of Trump’s endorsed candidates for Senate, House and governor have won their races — or put another way, 110 Trump-backed candidates out of 117...

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From the Left

Republican voters in Georgia ignored Donald Trump's endorsements in congressional primary runoffs for safe GOP House seats on Tuesday night, but sided with the Senate candidate in Alabama who had his blessing over one of the former President's earliest and most loyal supporters.

Tuesday's elections also set the matchups for several key House races in Virginia and Georgia. And in Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser won her Democratic primary and is now poised to win a third term.

Here are four takeaways from Tuesday's primaries and runoffs in Alabama, Georgia, Virginia and Washington,...

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