Port of LA, Major Shipping Companies Switch to 24/7 Operations Amid Supply Chain Issues

Headline Roundup October 13th, 2021

In a speech Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced the Port of Los Angeles will move to 24/7 service in order to process long backlogs of incoming cargo. The Port of L.A. joins the Port of Long Beach in switching to a 24/7 schedule; those two ports handle roughly 40% of incoming container traffic to the U.S. Global supply chains have struggled to keep up with a surge in demand for goods as economies recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden said the move will boost the time spent unloading container ships by 60 hours a week. UPS, FedEx and Walmart have also reportedly committed to 24/7 work hours to help remedy the supply chain crunch.

Outlets on all sides covered the announcement prominently Wednesday, with many framing the supply chain issues in the context of COVID-19 and the upcoming holiday season. Many across the spectrum also highlighted a Labor Department report that said nearly 3% of the U.S. workforce quit their jobs in September. Some coverage from right-rated outlets painted the overall economic situation as more dire by describing inflation and federal spending concerns alongside the supply chain news. Headlines from the right were also more likely to mention the operation's 24/7 nature. Some reports from left-rated outlets framed the general supply chain issue as indicative of major flaws with global shipping systems.

From the Center

One of biggest US ports will start operating 24 hours a day to try to clear long queues of cargo ships stuck waiting outside.

It comes as officials scramble to ease global supply issues that may lead to goods shortages this Christmas.

The Port of Los Angeles in California will handle more goods at night after a similar move by nearby Long Beach port.

The ports - which handle 40% of all cargo containers entering the US - have faced months of problems.

Major US firms such as Walmart and...

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From the Right

The White House says the Port of Los Angeles, UPS, FedEx and Walmart will commit to 24/7 work hours to alleviate a supply-chain crunch that threatens to leave presents missing from under Christmas trees.

President Biden’s aides announced the commitments after mounting international shipping delays. As of this week, nearly 100 massive container ships idled off the Los Angeles coastline, unable to unload their goods.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that the changes “will move more goods faster including toys, just in case you’re wondering.”

But Psaki would...

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From the Left

The US government is stepping up its efforts to relieve the supply chain nightmare that has led to shortages of some goods, higher prices for consumes and now threatens to slow the economic recovery.

The White House will work with companies and ports on a "90-day sprint" to alleviate bottlenecks, according to a senior administration official. Some will start working 24/7 to address the backlogs.

In a speech Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced the Port of Los Angeles will move to 24/7 service, bringing it into line with operations at the Port of...

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