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Perspectives: Kamala Harris Criticized for Handling of Immigration

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Vice President Kamala Harris received criticism from fellow Democrats and human rights groups after she told potential migrants "do not come" at a press conference with the president of Guatemala during her first international trip since taking office. On Tuesday, when NBC's Lester Holt asked Harris, who was tasked by President Joe Biden with handling immigration, why she hasn't visited the border yet, Harris said, "At some point, you know, we are going to the border," Harris. "We've been to the border." When Holt replied that she hadn't been to the border, the vice president said, "and I haven't been to Europe...I don't understand the point that you're making...I'm not discounting the importance of the border." Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) tweeted Monday, "First, seeking asylum at any US border is a 100% legal method of arrival. Second...We can’t help set someone’s house on fire and then blame them for fleeing." Harris has said that she will tackle the flow of migrants at the border by addressing the "root causes" in Central American countries, such as lack of economic opportunity. 

Voices from the right tended to contrast Harris' recent remarks with her past stances on immigration during her presidential campaign, and highlighted criticism from Democratic lawmakers. Some left- and center-analysts suggest that Harris is playing to voters by taking a centrist approach with her attempt to quell traffic at the border. Some left-rated outlets also highlighted quotes from asylum seekers. 

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