Democrats Issue Subpoena for Full Mueller Report

Headline Roundup April 20th, 2019

Democrats have issued a subpoena for the full Mueller report where they said the current version leave most of Congress 'in the dark.'

From the Right

Sen. Mitt Romney, Utah Republican, said Friday that he was “sickened” by President Trump’s behavior as detailed in special counsel Robert Mueller’s newly released report.
The former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP presidential nominee shared his reaction on social media after reviewing the sprawling report summarizing the special counsel’s investigation into the 2016 race and related matters.
“It is good news that there was insufficient evidence to charge the President of the United States with having conspired with a foreign adversary or with having obstructed justice. The alternative...

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From the Center

A subpoena demanding the release of the full report into Russian meddling during the 2016 election has been issued, amid claims the current version "leaves most of Congress in the dark".
Democrat Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House judiciary committee, argued it is entitled to an unredacted version.
Mr Trump's legal team argues it completely exonerates the president.
The Department of Justice has reacted by calling the subpoena "premature and unnecessary".
It said it would "continue to work with Congress to accommodate its legitimate requests consistent...

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From the Left

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Friday called on Congress to impeach President Donald Trump in the wake of the publication of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, breaking with Democratic leaders deferring the politically risky move despite new evidence that Trump attempted to derail the Russia probe.

“To ignore a President’s repeated efforts to obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behavior would inflict great and lasting damage on this country, and it would suggest that both the current and future Presidents would be free to abuse their power in similar ways,”...

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