Biden Signs Executive Order Aimed At Promoting Voting Rights

Headline Roundup March 7th, 2021

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Sunday to improve voter rights on the 56th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," a protest for voters’ rights in Selma, Alabama that was met with violence. The White House says the order is an "initial step" towards improving access to voter registration services and information, helping federal agencies to expand access to voter registration and election information, and pushing an overhaul of the government’s website. It also includes a provision to provide voting access and education to citizens in federal custody. Biden also called on Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act, which was signed into law in 1965 following the Bloody Sunday protests, and to pass the For the People Act, which was approved by the House Wednesday in a near party-line vote.

The executive order received wide coverage from outlets across the political spectrum. Coverage from some right-rated outlets tended to highlight the aspect of the bill that gives voting access to those in federal custody. Coverage from left- and center-rated outlets tended to analyze the contents of the order, while also detailing the history of Bloody Sunday.

From the Left

A new executive order from President Joe Biden directs federal agencies to take a series of steps to promote voting access, a move that comes as congressional Democrats press for a sweeping voting and elections bill to counter efforts to restrict voting access.

His plan was announced during a recorded address on the 56th commemoration of “Bloody Sunday,” the 1965 incident in which some 600 civil rights activists were viciously beaten by state troopers as they tried to march for voting rights in Selma, Alabama.

“Every eligible voter should be...

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From the Center

President Joe Biden on Sunday signed an executive order aimed at helping to ensure all Americans have the right to vote by increasing access to voter registration services and information.

Biden also called for Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act, which was signed into law in 1965 following a violent protest in Selma, Alabama, that left some participants injured.

The late Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who was one of the activists leading the march, suffered a fractured skull. Lewis passed away last year.

Biden’s executive order coincides with the...

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From the Right

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Sunday that includes a provision to “provide voting access” to U.S. citizens in federal custody.

“The order will promote voting access and allow all eligible Americans to participate in our democracy,” a release from the White House said.

The order directs all federal agencies to propose a “strategic plan” on how to improve voter registration and participation. All plans are required to be submitted within 200 days to the president.

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