Headline RoundupNovember 29th, 2023

Biden Loses Support Among Arab Americans Over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Polls conducted since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict indicate widespread dissatisfaction and disapproval of President Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis among Arab American and Muslim voters. How much should this worry Democratic Party leaders heading into 2024?

From the Right: A writer in Townhall (Right bias) argued the polls show how “insane” the Democratic base has become, determining the party’s “anti-Israel and antisemitic advocacy is enhanced by the legions of white progressives who only see this as another exercise in intersectionality proselytizing.” The writer argued that Muslim voters are “not voting for Donald Trump, but many are threatening to sit out next year,” determining this voter bloc “could take out Biden in 2024.” This issue is “solely a Democratic one, and like with how they handled their white working-class voter issue, watch them botch it and the next election.”

From the Left: A writer for the Washington Post (Lean Left bias) stated that Democrats were losing support among Arab and Muslim Americans prior to the conflict on account of increasing skepticism “of the party’s leftward turn on cultural and social issues.” The Israel-Hamas conflict has exacerbated this problem for Democrats, and the writer argued that “patronizing arguments asking Arab Americans to suck it up and vote Biden regardless of his actual policies are unlikely to be effective.” Democrats still have time to remedy the issue, but it will not be easy, the writer determines, stating, “In politics, a year is a long time. But memories are long, too.”

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