Headline RoundupAugust 15th, 2022

100 Million Americans in ‘Extreme Heat Belt’ to Face 125 Degree Temperatures by 2053, Study Says

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An “extreme heat belt” stretching from Texas to Illinois will see temperatures up to 125 degrees at least once per year by 2053, according to an analysis published Monday.

Large swaths of the Southwest and East Coast will also see 125-degree temperatures, the analysis said. Some counties, like San Bernardino County, CA, Hernando County, FL and Henderson County, IL are already seeing temperatures of 125 degrees at least once per year. The 2053 forecast analyzed data from 145 million properties in the U.S. and relied on a scenario, called RCP 4.5, in which greenhouse gas emissions peak in 2040.

The study was published by the nonprofit First Street Foundation (Not Rated), which has also released reports on wildfire risk and other climate-related threats. The researchers said they had submitted all their methods to scientific peer-reviewed journals. The findings came as the U.S. and countries around the world faced record heat waves, droughts and wildfires.

Coverage was rare in right-rated outlets but common in left and center-rated outlets, particularly business-focused outlets. AllSides was only able to find one article discussing the study from a right-rated outlet — Daily Mail (Right bias) — by Monday afternoon. While left-rated outlets were more likely to discuss climate change in articles, some center-rated outlets included coverage in “climate change” news sections.

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