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AllSides provides online services and classroom guides for fostering 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. It also supports Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

This flexible toolbox can be used as a standalone program or to supplement curricula in Language Arts, Social Sciences, Speaking and Listening, Argumentative Writing, Government and Civics.

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  • The AllSides News Page supplies students with stories from credible sources across the political spectrum. These are curated daily and cover a wide range of mostly political and national topics. Our unique curation from the Left, Center and Right guarantees a balance of perspective, teaching students about current events and the news media while protecting teachers from charges of bias.
  • Featured Stories show coverage of a particular story as reported from all sides, Left, Right and Center. The differences in the coverage of the same story can vary from minimal to drastic at any given time.
  • Time Travel which is found on the News Page, allows the user to easily “travel in time” to see news on a particular day going back a couple of years.
  • >>> http://www.allsides.com/news


  • Mismatch.org connects students across the country from different backgrounds and political perspectives for a respectful video conversation.
  • Part of AllSides for Schools, this program for students from middle school to college provides social and emotional learning through communication and collaboration across differences.
  • >>> http://www.mismatch.org


  • AllSides Search makes it easy for students to continue to see multiple perspectives on any topic. Search for any topic or any person you want to, as with any other search service. Unlike traditional research, AllSides highlights different points of view from credible sources on the same subject, providing a deeper understanding plus the ability to compare and contrast all sides of a topic.
  • Think Tank/ Policy Group Search provides a deeper dive into issues from a variety of sources across the spectrum, from the Cato Institute to Brookings Institute and the ACLU.
  • >>> http://www.allsides.com/issues

Issues and Topics

  • AllSides Issues provides robust coverage of particularly hot or relevant national or classroom issues. It includes general background for many top issues as well as up-to-date news and think tank materials on every issue.
  • Dialogs that have been prepared by staff or other classrooms are also available, or start a new one of your own.
  • Search broadens our issue coverage to just about any issue.
  • >>> http://www.allsides.com/issues

Dialogs and Civil Conversation

  • In Person Dialogs guide the educator and teach students how to have a civil dialog, including how to listen more deeply with mutual respect. Start a new topic or pick one of our prepared subjects to engage students with each other. We follow proven techniques that enable discussion of even controversial topics.
  • Online Dialogs provide a civil, online environment for understanding and discussing different sides of any issue. Its structure supports critical thinking and collaborative decision making for the class. Teachers have also reported that it is a great way to get everyone involved, even students that are often more quiet in the classroom setting.
  • >>> http://www.allsides.com/dialog

Think Tank Search

Media Literacy and Bias

  • Bias Quizzes help students understand their own bias. AllSides provides a choice of quizzes, including one from Pew Research that lets students compare their bias with the rest of the class, the school and the country.
  • Bias Ratings indicate the bias of many credible sources, biased on the average judgement of America. This helps students understand that news is not always correct but subject to its own biases, which is an important part of media literacy. (The AllSides topic “Media Bias” includes more articles on this subject.)
  • Source Profiles provide some background on the source, its bias rating and how that rating was determined. Students can weigh in on what they think the bias is of different articles and sources, and submit additional background information.
  • >>> http://www.allsides.com/bias/about-bias

Class and Student Groups

  • AllSides Boards (in development, partially completed) let’s you run a group or organize your own research. In this way, a teacher or other leader can establish a home page for their class, study group or school, defining which students have access as needed. Here, you individual or the group collectively can post assignments, share materials and thoughts, and organize your research.
  • Profiles (in development, partially completed) are automatically started for every teacher, student or other user when they sign up. They also are each user’s home where they can manage their preferences, share and post materials, follow different boards, join groups, save their own bias quiz results, and more.
  • Go to your User Page, if signed in, otherwise click “My News Board” from the News Page.

Teacher Tools and Support

  • Education standards and requirements as defined by the Common Core and applied by many states are matched to specific tools and activities.
  • Lesson plans and sample activities (partially completed, continually growing) provide teachers with guidance and tips on how to use these materials as part of their current curriculum.
  • Assessment tools (in development) log students activities and provide other measures that teachers can use to track their students activity and progress.
  • Educator’s Forum (in development) helps teachers and AllSides professionals share with each other and discuss the best methods, tips, other resources, questions, and more.
  • >>> http://www.allsides.com/schools will have this and more 

Story of the Week blogs

  • See the top story of the week as covered by multiple perspectives.

Missing Perspectives blogs

  • Read blogs on hot topics from the view of our featured contributors.


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