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How does AllSides fit the Common Core Standards?

See specific standards that AllSides achieves for 6-8th, 9-10th & 11-12th grades.

  • Critical Thinking
    • Argumentative Writing

    • Observation, interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation, explanation, and metacognition

  • Collaboration

    • Work together as a class or small group for discussion or group decision making

    • How to collaborate in person, in class, and online

  • Research and Analysis

    • Learn to identify an author’s point of view (bias, etc)

    • Students will learn to identify and evaluate their own point of view and how it fits among that of their classmates

    • Distinguish among fact, opinion, and reasoned judgment in a text

  • Civics Participation

    • Many students do not feel prepared to participate or vote. They do not know the issues, candidates, or how to engage as active citizens. AllSides provides the structure, background and experience to prepare students for their civic lives

    • Media literacy: How to maintain an awareness of news and get a balance of perspective

  • Civil Conversation and Conflict Resolution

    • How to talk and converse online in a positive, respectful, productive way - that respects diversity of opinions, backgrounds and cultures.

    • Everyone faces conflict in their family, personal and professional relationships. We show how to find common ground and have a civil dialog to move forward in a healthy, productive way.

    • Great for school community conflicts - how the school can discuss controversial issues that arise for the whole school community.

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