media bias rating is Mixed.

The Red Blue Dictionary (or is a project arising from members of the National Coalition of Dialogue & Deliberation over the last decade – especially the subset involved in transpartisan or cross partisan work (see more history here). With the exception of initial seed money from Living Room Conversations to fund one part-time worker for two months, the bulk of this project has arisen from an all-volunteer team donating an estimated 1500 hours to the project over the year before its initial launch as the AllSides Dictionary on November 15, 2016. These contributors and editors were selected from backgrounds in professional dialogue and deliberation work, with an estimated 300 years of experience between them.

Given the goals of the project, ​members of this team were also carefully selected to ensure a balance of people ​across the socio-political spectrum - from religious to atheist, far left to far right (and everything in between). ​I​n the spirit of Lincoln's Team of Rivals​, this team has welcomed​ vociferous disagreement as an asset that allows them built-in "checks and balances" in a process that holds everyone accountable to fairness. Rather than trying to avoid bias or presum​e​ neutrality, ​then, ​the aim has been to openly examine all biases – ​attempting to "map" different meanings associated with important words in the American political vocabulary. This includes hot-button terms, as well as words that help familiarize people with the art of generous conversation.

Red Blue Dictionary partners with AllSides to host and publish the terms, giving the project far more exposure and support than it would have gotten otherwise. The term "AllSides" also matches the project better since there are usually more than just a two sides to any issue. Red Blue Dictionary is an independent group that will continue to add new terms and improve current definitions with the help of feedback. Please use the commenting system at the end of each definition to suggest improvements, or email us feedback.

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