Counterpointing media bias rating is Mixed.

Imagine being locked in a world, where people assume they already know what you think. And what’s best for you.

Well we’re living in it.

Half the places we search for information are giving us answers based on our history, our bias and our preferences. Which means, they do a very good job of telling you what they think you want to hear.

Which is great EXCEPT for one unintended consequence. The more we live in a filtered world of information, the less opportunity we have to truly make up our own minds.

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The AllSides Media Bias Rating reflects the average judgment of the American people.

The AllSides Media Bias RatingTM reflects the average judgment of the American people. We don't use a convoluted mathematical or artificial intelligence model, but instead have regular people representing the broad spectrum of Americans blindly rate the bias of articles. That produces a fair, verifiable bias rating.

This media bias rating was determined using the following levels of bias verification.

Basis of Rating:

Blind Survey
Third Party Data
Community Feedback
Editorial Review
Secondary Research

Confidence Level:

Low or Initial Rating

Unless otherwise noted, this bias rating refers only to news articles on their web site, not from opinion pieces or what is broadcasted on TV or radio. The opinion writers from the same media source may have different bias ratings, so individual writers often are rated separately.