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Argus Observer
Bias Rating Not Rated
Type News Media
Region National, Oregon
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About Argus Observer's Bias Rating

Argus Observer is a news media source with an AllSides Media Bias Rating™ of Not Rated.

What a "Not Rated" Rating Means

This source has not yet been rated by AllSides. Vote on this source’s bias at the top of this page.


The Argus Observer is a direct descendent of a publication called “The Advocate,” originally established Jan. 6, 1897, in Malheur County’s county seat, Vale, Oregon. Partisan in nature, The Advocate supported William Jennings Bryan for president and was owned by E.R. Murray and then W. E. Lees. Twice in its early history, The Advocate attempted a daily publication. The first attempt took place in 1898 and the second in 1904. Between these attempts, The Advocate was moved from Vale to Ontario in 1899. The name of the paper changed to The Ontario Advocate. In 1936, Elmo Smith, who would go on to become Oregon’s governor, established The Eastern Oregon Observer. The publication was founded as a shopper but later became a full-fledged newspaper. Eventually Robert E. Pollock and Jessica Longston owned the paper. The Eastern Oregon Observer operated for 11 years before being consolidated with the Ontario Argus.

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