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Title of Headline Roundup Topic
Russia Attacks Ukraine World
Trucker Convoys Heading to DC for State of the Union Coronavirus
Who’s to Blame for Russia’s Aggression Towards Ukraine? Russia
Kyle Rittenhouse Plans to Sue Media Outlets, Celebrities Accused of Lying About Him Media Bias
Ukraine to Declare 30-Day State of Emergency World
CDC Withheld Large Portions of COVID-19 Data Coronavirus
Men Convicted of Murdering Ahmaud Arbery Also Found Guilty of Hate Crimes Justice
Biden Announces Sanctions Against Russia Amid Russian ‘Invasion’ of Ukraine Russia
Levi's Executive Says She Was 'Pushed Out' Over Opposition to COVID-19 School Closures Culture
Germany Halts Certification of Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Energy
Biden Prepares Sanctions as Russia Declares Separatist Regions of Ukraine Independent Russia
Will US, Russia Hold Ukraine Summit as Tensions Mount? World
Perspectives: Presidents Day 2022 General News
Perspectives: Americans Remain Split On Severity Of China-Russia Alliance China
Newsom Moves Forward With Gun Control Bill Modeled After Texas Abortion Ban Gun Control and Gun Rights
Biden 'Convinced' Putin Has Decided to Invade Ukraine Joe Biden
Documents Taken by Trump Contained Classified Information, National Archives Says Donald Trump
Media Split on Durham Probe, Clinton Ties Media Bias
Multiple Freedom Convoy Protesters Arrested in Canada Coronavirus
Judge Says Trump, Children Must Testify in NY Probe Donald Trump
Biden Says Russia Could Invade Ukraine 'Within the Next Several Days' Russia
30 House Democrats Have Announced Their Retirement Politics
Mapping the End of the COVID-19 Pandemic Coronavirus
How Will the Government Tackle High Inflation? Economy and Jobs
Funding of Freedom Convoy Stirs Controversy After Hackers Leak Donor List World
San Francisco Voters Recall 3 Members of City's School Board Education
Probe Accuses Clinton Lawyer, Tech Executive of Trying to Link Trump to Russia Justice
Biden Addresses Russia-Ukraine Crisis Amid Conflicting Reports on De-Escalation World
Sandy Hook Families Agree to $73 Million Settlement With Gun Manufacturer Remington Gun Control and Gun Rights
NY District Judge Says He'll Dismiss Sarah Palin Libel Lawsuit Justice
Russia Signals Openness to Diplomacy Despite US Warning of Potential Invasion This Week Russia
Celebrities, Politicians Ignore Super Bowl Mask Mandate Coronavirus
Protests Cleared From US-Canada Border Bridge Coronavirus
Biden To Split $7B Of Frozen Afghan Funds Between Humanitarian Efforts and 9/11 Families Joe Biden
Texas Abortion Rate Dropped Nearly 60% After Heartbeat Act Took Effect Abortion
Biden Administration Warns Russia Could Invade Ukraine 'In Very Short Order' Russia
Truckers in North America, Europe Continue COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Protests Coronavirus
Congress Passes Bipartisan Sexual Misconduct Bill Sexual Misconduct
Perspectives: States Lifting Mask Mandates Clash With CDC Recommendations Coronavirus
Jan. 6 Panel Reportedly Finds ‘Gaps’ in Trump White House Phone Records Politics
US Inflation Rate Hits 40-Year High Economy and Jobs
Is the Biden Administration Using Taxpayer Money to Distribute Clean Crack Pipes? Fact Checking
Pelosi Joins Growing Bipartisan Support for Ban on Stock Trading in Congress Politics
Olympians Compete in Beijing Amid Low TV Ratings, Criticism of Chinese Government Sports
How Will the US Respond if Russia Invades Ukraine? World
Stacey Abrams Apologizes for Maskless Photo Coronavirus
McConnell Criticizes RNC Over Jan. 6 Censures, Calls the Riot a 'Violent Insurrection' Politics
‘Freedom Convoy’ Blocks Busiest US-Canada Border Crossing Trade
Joe Rogan's Prior Use of N-Word Sparks More Criticism, Defenses of Free Speech Free Speech
Democrat-led States End School Mask Mandates Coronavirus