15 Headlines from the VP Debate

One thing all sides seem to agree on: last night's debate between VP candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan was one of the liveliest we've seen in a while. But from there the agreements in opinion start to break down. We picked three very different opinions on the VP debate that we...
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15 Headlines from First Debate

It is always fun and revealing to see the different headlines for the same event, especially a big event loaded with politics like the first Presidential debate. I picked prominent headlines on the front pages: From the Left: Huffington Post: " Romney wins the night " or same story with a...
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AllSides in Sunday SF Chronicle

It was great to wake up to this article on Sunday morning - the SF Chronicle's story on our launch, taking almost half !!! of the front page of the Business Section and also online at SF Gate: Breaking through the political noise. Benny Evangelista interviewed me last week and did a great...
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