Why We Let Politicians Do the Thinking for Us

When a politician from the opposing party passes an unjust law, or engages in something you consider wrong, you’re justifiably outraged. But are you willing to overlook a transgression by a politician from your own party? Are you willing to switch your opinion on an issue based upon which...
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How Important is the Truth?

Do you base your political decisions upon logic or upon emotion? Are you willing to disregard problematic facts in order to remain loyal to your political party? How critical is the truth when it comes to your political opinion? If you consider these absurd questions, you may be surprised...
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How to Spot Your Partisan Bias

Whether extremely conservative or steadfastly liberal, partisan minds think alike in many ways. And the reason why may be deeper than we realize. While we might consider ourselves unbiased and logical, the truth is that Americans often simply come to reflexive conclusions about politics...
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