Media Watchdog Awards from 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, some media watchdogs on the right and left have been announcing awards, but these are not the kinds of awards you want to win. Award from the Right On the right, media watchdog Media Research Center has a whole page of awards. Here's a highlight: MRC's "Never Let...
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Media Watchdog Coverage of Fiscal Cliff

We applaud media watchdogs for their investigative journalism and for publishing bias news that goes unmentioned in mainstream news. But who watches the watchdogs? After all, it’s only natural that watchdogs have their own bias. At AllSides, we say bias is not a problem as long as it’s...
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15 Headlines from First Debate

It is always fun and revealing to see the different headlines for the same event, especially a big event loaded with politics like the first Presidential debate. I picked prominent headlines on the front pages: From the Left: Huffington Post: " Romney wins the night " or same story with a...
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