Media Bias: Is it a Crime?

According to some, America is facing a new terrorist threat: the media. “CNN IS ISIS,” the sign reads. It’s a stunning accusation — particularly when considering that the media are expected to be a stronghold in American society, charged with holding government accountable. Is the nation’...
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Breitbart: Right-wing Publication or Fake News?

Fake news. Propaganda. Alt-right. Breitbart. Which of these doesn’t belong? Some would say they’re all fair game. In many circles, the conservative news outlet epitomizes malicious misinformation. Others revere it as a crusader for truth, willing to throw political correctness away with...
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Lawsuit against Trump raises question: Is the president's Twitter account a public platform?

Last month, we wrote about Twitter's new tools that help users censor their feeds, thus cementing partisan filter bubbles . This month, a lawsuit against President Trump takes that debate to the next level. The Knight First Amendment Institute , a free speech advocacy organization, is...
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