‘Christian Nationalism,’ ‘Never-Trumpers’ and Other Biased Terms This Election Season

Ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election, political polarization is surging with catchy phrases and clever terms that may fall furtively under the radar of voters and subject them to pernicious filter bubbles.
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Should Students Have Free Speech? When it Comes to Pro-Palestine Protests, The Left and Right Switch Sides

As Israel continues striking targets in Gaza, pro-Palestinian protests have cropped up on college campuses across the nation. Some of these protests have led to the arrest of student activists, sparking conversation about whether students have the right to protest on campus.
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When Only One Candidate Fights For Swing Voters

No matter what Trump says or does, abortion will be his greatest political weakness in this campaign. But the former president is making clear efforts to mitigate that weakness, which is considerably more than Biden has done to reach out to the political center on immigration.
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