North Korea Pledges to Suspend Nuclear Testing

North Korea announced that it would cease nuclear testing indefinitely as Kim Jong-Un travels to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Experts are divided on whether or not this actually signals openness to disarming. The news coincided with French President Emmanuel Macron's U.S...
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Sinclair Broadcasting Engulfed in 'Fake News' Promo Controversy

Sinclair Broadcasting required its local news anchors to read from an identical script warning against false news and criticizing the mainstream media for "irresponsible, one-sided news stories." Many on the Left denounced the network for displaying conservative bias, while some on the...
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Rex Tillerson Fired as Secretary of State

President Trump ousted Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, announcing that CIA director Mike Pompeo would be his replacement. Some speculate that he was fired over disagreements related to Russia, while others posit that Trump wanted someone who would take harsher stances on Iran and...
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