VIDEO: What is AllSides?

Each day, it seems there's another intense partisan fight heating up Congress or sparking ire on our social media feeds. How have we become so polarized? As described in our new video above, media bias — and the technology that enables it — is a huge factor. News, social media feeds and...
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Does Unbiased News Really Exist?

Sinclair Broadcast Group caused an uproar after they required local news anchors across the country to recite an identical script condemning “one-sided” stories in the national media. But does unbiased news actually exist? One of our core beliefs at AllSides is that it does not. Everyone...
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Sinclair Broadcasting Engulfed in 'Fake News' Promo Controversy

Sinclair Broadcasting required its local news anchors to read from an identical script warning against false news and criticizing the mainstream media for "irresponsible, one-sided news stories." Many on the Left denounced the network for displaying conservative bias, while some on the...
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