Students Meet Their Political "Other" Using Mismatch by AllSides

Our current, polarized political landscape is reverberating through our classrooms. Today's students are tomorrow's leaders, and we are counting on them to forge a more positive path that is less divisive and less dysfunctional. How can teachers prepare students with the skills and...
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"Angry Uncle Bot" Helps You Prep for Thanksgiving Political Talk

You may have already prepared yourself for any potentially uncomfortable holiday conversations by reading our 5 tips for handling political conversations at Thanksgiving dinner , but what if you could practice beforehand? Our conversation tips for bridging divides include asking to listen...
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5 Ways to Handle Political Conversations at Thanksgiving Dinner

We often think of Thanksgiving as a time when we relax with family and friends, stuff ourselves silly — and maybe apologize for burning the casserole. But aside from all the revelry, Thanksgiving can also bring uncomfortable political conversations. Thanksgiving is truly a time when we’re...
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