Looking at the Presidential endorsements of the top 100 newspapers, we see that they generally stuck with their reputation, but there were a few changes and surprises.

Update: Since originally writing this blog, 13 more endorsements have been made. I've updated the numbers below, but should also point out 2 more switches (papers who endorsed the candidate from one party 4 years ago that now support the candidate from the other party). The Daily News and Newsday, both New York papers and the papers with the two largest circulations nationwide to make a switch, endorsed Romney while they endorsed Obama 4 years ago.

Overall tally of endorsements: 41 for Obama, 35 for Romney.

Off all the papers for which AllSides has defined a bias rating, 100% endorsed the candidate that matches their bias: all on the left endorsed Obama, all on the right endorsed Romney.

But there were some switches and surprises among a few papers that AllSides has not yet rated. Obama managed to switch the endorsement of one paper that had previously endorsed McCain, Romney switched 14 (counting 2 "half" switches in Romney's favor among newspapers using 2 editorial boards).

The biggest surprise was The Des Moines Register endorsement in swing state Iowa for Mitt Romney. The Register has not endorsed a Republican for 40 years (since Nixon in 1972). Three of the other switches to Romney were by papers in another swing state, Florida. Obama's one switch was in Texas by the San Antonio Express News.

Here is a list of the newspapers who switched their endorsement from 4 years ago, with links to their endorsement editorials, sorted from largest circulation at top: