Alabama, Missouri, and Georgia, among another states, have moved to effectively ban abortion, passing legislation that would prohibit in the practice in nearly every circumstance.
Some have decried the bills as oppressively anti-woman, while others dispute the idea that terminating a pregnancy is a constitutional right. Many see the bills as evidence the two sides are drifting farther toward extremes, particularly after New York passed a law — and Virginia considered one — that allows late-term abortions in some cases.
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Snippets from the Left

New York Magazine"Progressives cannot beat back the GOP’s assault on reproductive rights merely by 'winning the argument' over abortion; in many respects, that argument is already won. America does not lack a pro-choice consensus; the pro-choice majority lacks the power to hold Republican lawmakers accountable to that consensus. Thus the fight for reproductive rights in the United States is inextricable from the struggle against the tyrannical rule of our nation’s far-right minority."
The Guardian"People of means who want abortions in Alabama will fly out of state, as they always have, given that the state has only three abortion clinics. For everyone else, an abortion is not only a cost investment but an emotional and imaginative one. It is hard enough, in a state such as Alabama, to get the courage up to go to an abortion clinic. But to have to travel vast distances for a frightening procedure that is illegal at home might be for many, too much. Which is of course why the bill passed. Everything about it says: stay where you are."
Vox"If the Supreme Court wants to revisit Roe, it has a lot of choices — more than a dozen cases are currently one step away from the Court. And the justices may prefer to take up a law whose backers have made an argument on the merits, rather than one aimed simply at undermining Roe."

Snippets from the Right

Washington Examiner Editorial Board"The only reason abortion bans had to be passed this month in Alabama and Georgia was the lies that are Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. These shoddy decisions were based on fictional rights invented through the discredited idea of substantive due process. The legal and constitutional reasoning behind them was nonexistent, even pro-choice legal scholars have admitted."
National Review"Georgia law is clear. While abortionists can be prosecuted for performing unlawful abortions — and an attacker can spend the rest of his life in jail for killing a woman’s unborn child — Georgia’s heartbeat bill cannot be used to prosecute a woman for ending her own pregnancy.”
Newsmax Opinion"The decision to have and perform abortions are not taken lightly. These should not be perceived as choices on demand but rather medically indicated options. It is seldom about women’s rights or choice but should reflect medical necessity. Until you are standing there at that moment, you have no earthly idea about the considerations which must be taken into account. Emergencies are often quick and unexpected. They require immediate action not a mandated waiting period. Get out of people’s beds in dictating their behavior and leave the affairs of a woman’s womb to those who appreciate the problems which can arise in a pregnancy."

Snippets from the Center

"In addition to having no exceptions for rape or incest, the bill also bans all abortions because of race, sex or a diagnosis of Down syndrome."
The Hill
"Legal challenges are also pending in Mississippi and Kentucky, where Republican governors have recently signed fetal heartbeat abortion laws. And a lawsuit is also likely in Georgia, where Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed a similar measure last week. Several of the laws appear to be designed to force the Supreme Court to revisit a key component of Roe v. Wade that said states can’t place certain restrictions on abortion."
The Christian Science Monitor
"Nearly two-thirds of abortions occur within the first eight weeks of pregnancy, with almost all abortions (91.1%) occurring within the first trimester (before 13 weeks). Some 7.6% of abortions occur between 14 and 20 weeks’ gestation, and 1.3% occur after 21 weeks, which is about halfway through the second trimester." 
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