Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) officially ended her 2020 presidential campaign on Tuesday.

Harris reportedly told supporters in an email that her campaign "simply doesn't have the financial resources we need to continue." The senator freshman will be up for re-election in 2022.

Commentators across the political spectrum issued analysis, with some on the left lamenting that the next debate stage may include an all-white cast of candidates; others questioned whether or not she would be chosen as a vice presidential running mate.

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Snippets from the Left

Kamala Harris' exit sparks frantic scramble among former rivals to win over her supporters


"Harris' rival Democrats, while lamenting her sudden exit, are now fully in a frantic scramble to court the high-profile Democratic endorsers, talented staff and well-heeled donors who had once backed the California senator."

"The swiftness of the outreach to her supporters is a sign that the senator, despite failing to succeed in the race of president, had put together a sizable and well-respected campaign."

Kamala Harris Just Didn't Stick Her Landing


"Harris' campaign, in its opening stages, was animated by identity and justice. Her early poll numbers suggested that Democratic voters were indeed receptive to a black woman candidate (even if that woman, in the long run, wasn't Harris). But after that first burst of momentum, she failed to stick her landing. Voters were never able to figure out who she was or what particular problem facing Americans she cared about most."

Kamala Harris lacked what was most important of all

Karen Tumulty for the Washington Post

" a presidential candidate, she was uncertain and clumsy, starting with her fumble of health care. First, she declared that she would eliminate private insurance, then she reversed herself. It revealed how little grounding she had on the issue that Democratic voters say is their top priority.

"Harris also waffled between embracing her record as a prosecutor and downplaying it. She cycled through palate-pleasing slogans – among them, "the 3 a.m. agenda" and "justice is on the ballot." But they did not add up to a vision."

Snippets from the Right

Harris is gone. Good riddance to a lying, hypocritical authoritarian

Washington Examiner

"Harris was a typical unethical prosecutor, and she continues to be unconstrained by the truth. She defended prosecutorial misconduct in California. She used her power to keep wrongfully convicted defendants behind bars. She advocated jailing the parents of truant children. She opposed criminal justice reform.

"She intended to use the power of the presidency not merely to prosecute criminals but to prosecute a culture war."

Harris Fans Blame Billionaires, Sexists, and Racists for Her Campaign's Collapse


"The conversation surrounding Kamala Harris' exit from the 2020 presidential race has been reaching some ridiculous places since the California senator announced she was dropping out yesterday. Harris herself blamed billionaires, basically, while supporters and pundits expanded the blame to also include sexism, racism, biased media coverage, and other issues beyond the candidate or her campaign's control.

"If you're wondering whether Democrats picked up any introspection since Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss was chalked up to sexism, racism, third parties, Bernie bros, and such...the signs aren't looking so good."

Three Reasons Kamala Harris Crashed

John Daniel Davidson for The Federalist

"Why did Harris crash? Three reasons immediately come to mind: she got too much undeserved attention too early, she's a cop with a record that doesn't appeal to Democratic primary voters, and she was no match for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who basically killed her campaign on live TV by exposing Harris as a hypocrite."

Snippets from the Center

Kamala Harris shutters campaign. Does she have a shot at VP?

Christian Science Monitor

"Attention is already turning to what's next for Senator Harris — and her supporters. [Democratic consultant Robert] Shrum describes her as a "serious possibility" for the vice presidential nominee. If former Vice President Biden, who is leading in the national polls, or Mr. Buttigieg win the nomination, there will be pressure on them to select a woman, particularly a minority woman, to add diversity and boost turnout, he says."

Kamala Harris failure to bridge left-center divide is a warning: Unite or Trump wins.

Dan Schnur for USA Today

"But Harris' failure has less to do with her own inconsistencies as a candidate than her inability to unite a Democratic Party still searching for its identity in the Trump era. The party's leaders have divided along both ideological and attitudinal lines over the past three years, and the remaining presidential candidates have all chosen to align on one side of that line or the other. Harris attempted to bridge that gap, only to be dismissed as an imposter by both camps."

#DemsSoWhite? Kamala Harris' Exit Raises Hard Questions About Race and Power


"Using hashtags #DemsSoWhite and #DebatesSoWhite, people criticized the Democratic National Committee for its qualification criteria that resulted in what will very likely be an all-white stage later this month.

"The DNC has no plans to revise the rules ahead of the debate. But the message tapped into deeper Democratic voter concern, guilt, whatever you may call it. And it resonated. Castro's campaign says it raised more money on Tuesday than on any other day in the past four months."