Check out this ad that ran in the New York Times last week honoring World Press Freedom Day. "Don't just read the New York Times," they say, encouraging readers to step out of their filter bubbles and consume a litany of other sources. This is something we support wholeheartedly at AllSides. 

While many people may yearn for "unbiased news," we believe that truly objective coverage is almost impossible to come by. We all have unique life experiences that influence the way we approach current events, so although a news organization might claim to be balanced, their news production will always be influenced to some degree by bias. What's more, with the technology boom and the proliferation of online sources, the days of a single news narrative are over.

To counter this, engage with diverse perspectives across the political spectrum. Don't limit yourself to one angle, but instead, consume a balanced news diet to get the full picture on the major issues of the day.