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Revitalize democracy! Support media literacy and civil discourse.

Democracy requires its citizens to be informed, and to have free open conversations across divides. AllSides for Schools helps students navigate the increasingly biased, misleading and confusing media landscape by teaching media literacy, civil discourse and life-long skills. Our free non-profit program provides middle school through college students with:

  • Media literacy to identify and break free of media bias, fake news and filter bubbles so we can better understand the world and each other.
  • Civil discourse across divides through structured open conversations with other students with different political, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.
    • We begin in the classroom with Relationships First which introduces students to civil dialog and establishes a strong foundation for more controversial conversations.
    • With our service, we match students across the country from different backgrounds for structured video conferencing conversations.
  • Skills in critical thinking, collaboration and more so students can better participate in their local communities and in our democratic system.
    • See our complete school program including modules, lesson plans and details about how it fulfills educational requirements in states and districts around the country.

Currently used by teachers in 45 states, we are seeking funding to broaden from tens of thousands to millions of students in school districts across the country. AllSides for Schools is a joint non-profit initiative by AllSides.comLiving Room Conversations and the Mediators Foundation.

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