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Whenever a political bombshell disrupts the summer months with protests, a question reappears around Independence Day: Is there anything worth celebrating this year? Sometimes people will go as far as saying there was never anything to celebrate about American independence. This frustration has come from some voices on the left, earning the stereotypical criticism of the left being less patriotic, but is that accurate?


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There is more common ground on patriotism between Democrats and Republicans than what the news traditionally highlights. Here are a few examples of data and stories to support that:

  • 2022 data from YouGov shows 90% of Republicans, 74% of Democrats, and 75% of Independents consider themselves very or somewhat patriotic. 
  • 2021 data from Gallup (Center bias) suggests that 87% of Republicans, 62% of Independents, and 62% of Democrats are either very or extremely proud to be an American.
  • 2021 data from PRRI states that 75% of Americans across party lines agree with the statement “It is still possible for the U.S. to achieve the ideal of our national motto ‘E Pluribus Unum’: ‘From many people, one.’” 
  • 2021 data from PRRI states that 92% of Republicans, 72% of independents, and 67% of Democrats agree with the idea that America has always been a force for good in the world. 
  • 2022 data from The New Republic (Left) finds 44% of Republicans agree with 48% of Democrats that our political system needs major changes or “a complete overhaul,” while 52% of Democrats and 56% of Republicans believe our political systems are working well or need minor changes. 
  • 2021 data from PRRI finds that Republicans and Democrats agree on what traits are important to being “Truly American.” 96% of Democrats and 98% of Republicans say believing in individual freedoms, such as freedom of speech, is important to being a true American. They also agree that every citizen being able to vote in elections (94% of Republicans and 96% of Democrats), accepting people of diverse racial and religious backgrounds (92% of Republicans and 96% of Democrats), and respecting American political institutions and laws (93% of Democrats and 96% of Republicans) are important traits of being a true American.


See more examples of common ground on issues where you might not expect to find it:


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